Friday, 29 October 2010

Power: Mounting

Lamp of Power 
Buildings should be thought of in terms of their massing and reach towards the sublimity of nature by the action of the human mind upon them and the organization of physical effort in constructing buildings.

The first study for mounting. Pixelization, interlocking rooms.
The extruded nave as a tower. Mounting from an origin.

Triangular massing as the west facade. Four sided shrinking. Tower with one side stable, three sides shrinking.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Truth: Wrapping

Lamp of Truth
handcrafted and honest display of materials and structure

The first idea of wrapping the Reims Cathedral, packing it into a box with controlled openings. Inverting the building making the exterior interior.

Wrapping strategies, which openings are to be seen on Reims Cathedral, according to their transparency.

By Cristo way of wrapping, the open parts of the facade would allow the daylight to be seen through even the building is completely wrapped. The irregular lines dividing the building into horizontal layers is appreciated by different layers of wrapping in this proposal.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sacrifice: Illusion

Lamp of Sacrifice
dedication of man's craft to God, as visible proofs of man's love and obedience.

Different depths of walls, observed from different positions, allows the window to disappear and appear again.
The wall is made out of triangular elements in this version getting higher towards the ground, the opening is tested as a Gothic window in this case.
In this version, the wall is made out of a metal sheet, like a card tower and partially covered with another flat perforated element representing the sacrifice for detailing a wall. 
The final wall is made out of two types of components, open vs closed, according to the position of the observer, the windows can either be seen or are hidden.